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Talk to NExT Theorists Day at RAL (previously NExT Days at RAL)

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NExT Seminar Meetings

11th May 2001, Soton              B Physics
S Xella Hansen (RAL)              Recent Results from BaBar
15th June 2001, RAL              Flavour Dynamics
C Sachrajda (Soton)              CP Violation and the Extraction of CKM Parameters
K Peach (RAL)              Chair, General Discussion
27th September 2001, Soton              Neutrino Physics
G Ross (Oxford)              The Fermion Mass Problem
A de Santo (Oxford)              MINOS
D Wark (RAL/Sussex)              Results from SNO
SF King (Soton)              Theoretical Questions in Neutrino Physics
23rd November 2001, RAL              Higgs Searches at the LHC
P Norton (RAL)              SM Higgs Search in ATLAS
WJ Murray (RAL)              Search for Non-SM Higgs in ATLAS
B Kennedy (RAL)              Higgs Searches in CMS
N Evans (Soton)              Theoretical Status of the Higgs
8th February 2002, Soton              SUSY Particle Searches at the LHC
I Tomalin (RAL)              Search for R-Parity Conserving SUSY at LHC
P Norton (RAL)              Search for R-Parity Violating SUSY
T Blazek (Soton)              Theoretical Aspects of SUSY
D Ross (Soton)              A Signal for Supersymmetry from a Light Higgs
26th April 2002, RAL              B Physics
S Xella Hansen (RAL)              Report from the La Thuile Conference
P Soler (RAL)              B Physics Reach of LHCb
J Flynn (Soton)              B Physics from Lattice QCD
N de Groot (RAL/Bristol)              CKM Fit to B Decay Rates using Factorization
25th October 2002, Soton              Recent Developments in B Physics
S Descotes Genon (Soton)              Recent Developments in QCD Factorization for B Decays
N de Groot (RAL/Bristol)              Recent measurements of CP Violation in BaBar
7th February 2003, RAL              Neutrino Physics
SF King (Soton)              Neutrino Mass and the Flavour Problem
W Scott (RAL)              Matter Covariance
A Weber (RAL)              Long Baseline Experiments
20th June 2003, Soton              Dark Matter & Cosmology
V di Clemente (Soton)              Recent Developments in Inflationary Cosmology
D Wands (Portsmouth)              The Primordial Density Perturbation
N Smith (RAL)              Experimental Dark Matter Searches
7th November 2003, RAL              Higgs and SUSY Connections
S Moretti (Soton)              Higgs and SUSY connections: Theoretical Results
WJ Murray (RAL)              Experimental Aspects of Higgs and SUSY
N de Groot (RAL/Bristol)              Higgs and SUSY interplay between the LHC and ILC
13th February 2004, Soton              Rare B Decays
C Sachrajda (Soton)              B ? phi K_s in the Standard Model
T Blazek (Soton)              Precision Analysis and Rare B Decays in Constrained Minimal Supersymmetry
F Wilson (Bristol)              Experimental Overview
22nd October 2004, RAL              Neutrino phenomenology
D P Roy (TIFR)              Overview of Solar Neutrino Oscillation
S Antusch (Soton)              What can we learn about Particles, Forces and the Universe from the proposed Neutrino Experiments?
C Andreopoulos (RAL)              Neutrino Oscillations & Neutrino Interactions in the few-GeV energy range: a review of MINOS experiment issues
N Smith (RAL)              Progress in neutrinoless double beta decay experiments
4th February 2005, Soton              Neutrino Physics
D Wark (IC)              Introduction to Neutrino physics and to T2K
A Ereditato (CERN)              The liquid Argon TPC and application to the T2K long baseline neutrino experiment
A Rubbia (ETH)              A very large liquid Argon TPC for astroparticle physics, matter stability and neutrino physics
13th June 2005, RAL              Precision Physics at the LHC
P Hobson (Brunel)              Precision physics in ATLAS and CMS
C Verzegnassi (Trieste)              SUSY virtual effects in precision observables at the LHC
S Moretti (Soton)              Standard Model EW effects at the LHC
25th November 2005, Soton              Phenomenology of the Z'
A-S Giolo-Nicollerat (CERN)              Z' study at the LHC
R Nevzorov (Soton)              Z' and exotica phenomenology in the E_6 SSM
3rd March 2006, RAL              Neutrino Physics
C Andreopoulos (RAL)              Neutrino interaction physics and the GENIE neutrino MC generator
W Scott (RAL)              Extremisation of Flavour-Symmetric Jarlkog Invariants
23rd June 2006, Soton              Experimental and theoretical wish lists for hadron colliders
J Huston (MSU)              Roadmap for LHC physics: Standard Model Benchmarks for the early running
J Campbell (Glasgow)              Bridging the gap: hadron collider phenomenology
T Morris (Soton)              How MHV methods could help
27th April 2007, Soton              B Physics
F Wilson (RAL)              Recent B Physics results from Moriond 2007
S Ricciardi (RAL)              Future flavour physics at LHCb
SF King (Soton)              The flavour problem and Supersymmetry
31st January 2008, RAL              Technicolour
N Evans (Soton)              Introduction to Technicolour
K Lane (Boston, RAL & LAPTH)              Low-scale Technicolour at the LHC
S Belyaev (Soton & RAL)              Collider phenomenology of Higgsless models
27th June 2008, Southampton              NExT Special Meeting on 60+60 (in honour of Doug & Norman's 60th)
J Forshaw (Manchester)              QCD and the Pomeron
J Dainton (Liverpool)              Quantum Chromo Diffraction
JR Ellis (CERN)              From higher order to low x
15th October 2008, RHUL              NExT Special Meeting on The Enlarged NExT Institute
CH Shepherd-Thermistocleous and C Andreopoulos (RAL)              Presentation of RAL
P Teixeira-Dias and S Boogert (RHUL)              Presentation of RHUL
S Belyaev (Soton & RAL)              Presentation of Southampton
S Peeters and S Huber (Sussex)              Presentation of Sussex
3rd April 2009, Sussex              The NExT Standard Model
S Peeters (Sussex)              Multifaceted neutrino physics with the SNO+ experiment
P Di Bari (Soton)              Testing new physics with neutrinos and cosmology
T Gregoire (Sussex)              Understanding electroweak symmetry breaking at the LHC
D Litim (Sussex)              Testing quantum gravity at the LHC
A de Santo (Sussex)              Searching for SUSY in leptonic final states at ATLAS
S West (RHUL)              Dark matter at the LHC
S Huber (Sussex)              Signals of baryogenesis
28th October 2009, RAL              NExT Physics Meeting
C H Shepherd-Thermistocleous (RAL)              Welcome & Introduction
I Tomalin (RAL)              Long lived exotic searches at CMS
N Kauer (RHUL & Soton)              Normalising weak boson pair production with early LHC data
L Basso (Soton & RAL)              Test of B-L scenario with early LHC data
X Calmet (Sussex)              Quantum black holes at the LHC
E Accomando (Soton & RAL)              Early LHC potential to test new physics
V Boisvert (RHUL)              ATLAS early data plans: selected topics
20th January 2010, Soton              NExT B-Physics Meeting
R Zwicky (Soton)              B -> K* l+ l-
S Ricciardi (RAL)              LHCb - Highlights and Prospects for Early Physics
J Boudreau (Pittsburgh)              CP Violation in B0s Mesons at the Tevatron Experiments
A Bevan (QMUL)              Super Flavour Factories: SuperB
S Jaeger (Sussex)              Hadronic B Decays and New Physics
12th May 2010, RHUL              NExT LHC Meeting
R Santos (Soton)              Very light Higgs at the LHC
PF Salvatore (Sussex)              SUSY signatures with tau final states at ATLAS
SF King (Soton)              Z' models at the LHC
P Teixeira-Dias (RHUL)              First results with ATLAS data
CH Shepherd-Themistocleous (RAL)              CMS: data at last
26th January 2011, RAL              NExT LHC Meeting
D Becciolini (Soton)              W' searches at the LHC: theory
MM Al Marashi (Soton)              Testing the No-lose and More-to-gain theorems of the NMSSM at the LHC
E Rizvi (QMUL)              Black Holes, Extra Dimensions and the LHC: phenomenology and ATLAS results
I Tomalin (RAL)              Searches for new phenomena at ATLAS and CMS
C Hays (Oxford)              Tevatron searches
WJ Murray (RAL)              LHC experiments: discovery reach dependence on lumi/root-s
4th May 2011, Soton              NExT Meeting on Neutrino Physics and Particle Cosmology
J Wilson (QMUL)              Neutrinoless double beta decay and SNO+
K Rama (Warwick)              A unified description of fermion mass matrices
S Peeters (Sussex)              Reactor neutrinos
L Marzola (Soton)              The problem of the initial conditions in leptogenesis
D Jones (Soton)              Leptogenesis in the two RH neutrino model
F Di Lodovico (QMUL)              Status of T2K
J Hall (Soton)              Dark Matter in the Exceptional SUSY Model
A Weber (Oxford)              MINOS/NOVA and future prospects of LBNE
M Fairbairn (KCL)              Exploring the dark universe
J Monroe (RHUL)              Dark Matter direct searches
9th November 2011, QMUL              First NExT Meeting at QMUL
C Wen (QMUL)              Overview of the progress on scattering amplitudes
G Salamanna (QMUL)              Top at LHC: from the Rococo of precision measurements to a New Wave of discoveries?
SF King (Soton)              LHC Phenomenology of an E6 inspired Supersymmetric Standard Model
G Ferretti (Chalmers U Tech)              Non standard models of Gauge Mediation
WJ Murray (RAL)              Higgs (experimental)
P Svantesson (Soton)              Measuring the pseudoscalar Higgs width at LHC
T Berry (RHUL)              ATLAS exotica experimental results
S Huber (Sussex)              Warped extra dimensions
14th March 2012, Sussex              NExT Meeting at Sussex
JR Ellis (KCL)              Higgs (theory)
P Teixeira-Dias (RHUL)              Higgs (experiment)
M Atkins (Sussex)              Higgs inflation
S Belyaev (Soton & RAL)              Non-Higgs theory and searches
K Mimasu (Soton)              Z' signals in polarised top-antitop final states at the LHC
F Deppisch (UCL)              Neutrinos and lepton-flavour violation
A Williams (RHUL)              Degenerate WIMPs
F di Lodovico (QMUL)              Neutrinos and theta_13
14th November 2012, RHUL              First NExT Meeting in the Higgs Era
P Teixeira-Dias (RHUL)              New Physics Searches using ATLAS
A Akeroyd (Soton)              Enhancement of H -> gamma gamma in the Higgs Triplet Model
L Panizzi (Soton)              Heavy Vector-like Quarks - Constraints and Phenomenology at the LHC
JM Camalich (Sussex)              The B -> K*l+l- Rare Decay at the Low-q^2 End-point
JM No Redondo (Sussex)              A Cocktail Model: From Radiative Neutrino Masses to Dark Matter and Back
V Keus (Soton, RAL & RHUL)              Z_p Scalar Dark Matter from Multi-Higgs-doublet Models
20th March 2013, RAL              New results from Moriond 2013
T Adye (RAL)              New experimental Higgs results from Moriond
S Khalil (ZCST & Soton)              Higgs -> gamma gamma in SU(5)
J Hernandez-Sanchez (BUAP)              Light Charged Higgs phenomenology in Type III 2-Higgs Doublet Models
D Barducci (Soton)              Higgs signals at the LHC for the 4D Composite Higgs Model
F Deppisch (UCL)              Neutrinos and physics beyond the Standard Model
B Still (QMUL)              Recent results from neutrino experiments
JM Camalich (Sussex)              Searching for new physics in rare B decays
F Salvatore (Sussex)              Review of recent SUSY results at the LHC
27th November 2013, Soton              What NExT? BSM physics in light of LHC, Planck results and theta_13 discovery
F Sannino (Odense)              What New Physics after LHC8?
S Belyaev (Soton)              Exploring Universal Extra-dimensions at the LHC
A Banfi (Sussex)              Status of Higgs and jet physics
T Katori (QMUL)              Lorentz violation in Neutrinos
S Hannestad (Aarhus)              New Physics and Cosmological Observations
M Fairbairn (KCL)              What Next?
G Carvalho-Dorsch (Sussex)              EW Baryogenesis after LHC8
16th April 2014, QMUL              LHC BSM searches and neutrinos
V Keus (Soton, RAL & RHUL)              Multiple Higgs Doublets
A Granger (Sussex)              Beyond Randall-Sundrum: The Flavour of Warped Backgrounds
A Lewis (Sussex)              B-Mode Polarisation in the CMB
H Hayward (Liverpool)              ATLAS Searches from LHC Run 1
RC Aggleton (Soton, RAL & Bristol)              Search for NMSSM light bosons in h -> 4 tau
C Alpigiani (QMUL)              Search for Rare B Decays to Two Muons at ATLAS
J Hartnell (Sussex)              Future Long Baseline Neutrino Oscillation Experiments
19th November 2014, Sussex              News from BSM, Higgs and supersymmetry
S Abel (Durham)              Exact scale breaking and novel Higgs potentials
D Litim (Sussex)              From asymptotic freedom to asymptotic safety
V Sanz (Sussex)              BSM in the light of future colliders
U Egede (ICL)              Status and challenges for rare decays in LHCb
G Hiller (Dortmund)              A challenge to lepton universality
I Vivarelli (Sussex)              Search for stops and sbottoms at ATLAS: status and prospects
MC Thomas (Soton)              Model-independent exclusion of the light stop scenario
A Bethani (Sussex)              Higgs at CMS and ATLAS
R Delgado-Lopez (UCM & Soton)              A light Higgs in a strongly interacting electroweak symmetry breaking sector
29th April 2015, UCL              NExT Workshop at UCL
C Ghag (UCL)              Direct Dark Matter searches
R Kirk (RHUL)              Dark Matter with topological defects in the inert doublet model
K Mimasu (Sussex)              Discovering a cosmologically motivated 2HDM at the LHC via A0 -> Z H0
K Yagyu (Soton)              What is the mass scale of the 2nd Higgs boson?
C O'Brien (RHUL)              Higgs signal-background interference in gg -> VV in the SM and beyond
E Kuwertz (Victoria)              Searches for SUSY in final states with a leptonically decaying Z-boson, jets and MET
D Croon (Sussex)              Inflating with Goldstone bosons
F Hautmann (Soton)              QCD in high-multiplicity final states at the LHC
4th November 2015, RAL              NExT Workshop at RAL
F Margaroli (Rome 1)              From the top to the Higgs, and beyond
A Sfondilis (Sussex)              Phenomenology and Naturalness in Gauge Extensions of the MSSM after the Higgs discovery
RC Aggleton (Soton, RAL & Bristol)              Search for light NMSSM Higgs decaying to tau leptons
M Van Der Grinten (RAL)              Measurements of the neutron electric dipole
MC Thomas (Soton)              LHC limits on long-lived exotica from jets + Etmiss
S Kulkarni (Vienna)              Application of simplified model results to SUSY scenarios
L Panizzi (Soton & RAL)              DM spin characterization at the LHC in mono-X channels - A simplified model analysis
X Calmet (Sussex)              Non-locality in QFT due to quantum effects in gravity
27th April 2016, Soton              NExT Meeting at Soton
M Hindmarsh (Sussex)              Gravitational waves from a first order EW phase transition
B Murray (RAL & Warwick)              Recent results on the Higgs & 750 GeV diphoton excess
B Dillon (Sussex)              Top partners and EWSB in holographic composite Higgs model
P Ludl (Soton)              Neutrino Physics: Experimental Status
I de Medeiros Varzielas (Soton)              CP-odd invariants for multi-Higgs models and applications with discrete symmetry
PF Monni (Oxford)              Theory progresses in Higgs precision physics
S Belyaev (Soton & RAL)              Selected highlights on theory and phenomenology of Dark Matter
S Malik (ICL)              Review of Dark Matter searches at colliders
P Schaefers (Soton)              A to Z of the Muon Anomalous Magnetic Moment in the MSSM
9th November 2016, QMUL              NExT Meeting at QMUL
RC Aggleton (Soton, RAL & Bristol)              Review of LHC experimental results on low mass bosons in extended two Higgs doublet models
C White (QMUL)              TopFitter: elucidating new physics in the top sector
DA Millar (Soton & QMUL)              Discovering and profiling Z' bosons using asymmetry observables in top pair production with the lepton-plus-jets final state at the LHC
P Schaefers (Soton)              A to Z of the Muon Anomalous Magnetic Moment in the MSSM with Pati-Salam at the GUT scale
CT Sachrajda (Soton)              Lattice kaon physics
K Leslie (Sussex)              Charming new physics in rare B Decays and mixing
N Prouse (Soton & QMUL)              Precision neutrino experiments confronting predictive neutrino models
P Ludl (Soton)              Massive and supermassive neutrinos as dark matter
L Delle Rose (Soton & RAL)              Displaced vertices from heavy neutrinos in U(1)' models
10th May 2017, Sussex              NExT Meeting at Sussex
M Fairbairn (KCL)              New trends on dark matter
A Bond (Sussex)              Collider signatures of asymptotic safety beyond the SM
K Petridis (Bristol)              New results from LHCb on lepton flavour non-universality
S Jaeger (Sussex)              On lepton flavor non-universality
B Murray (RAL & Warwick)              Highlights and developments at the LHC Higgs frontier
D O'Brien (Soton)              Vector-like Quark production at the LHC, beyond the Narrow Width Approximation
J Setford (Sussex)              Composite Higgs models after Run 2
1st November 2017, RHUL              NExT Meeting at RHUL
J Walding (RHUL)              First results from DEAP-3600
M Paz Gonzales (Valparaiso & UCL)              QCD corrections in neutrinoless double beta decay
T Katori (QMUL)              Neutrino interferometry for high-precision tests of Lorentz symmetry with IceCube
L Vale Silva (Sussex)              Footprints of leptoquarks: from R_K^(*) to K -> pi nu nu~
A Lind (RHUL)              A study of diffractive scattering with the ATLAS/ALFA experiment
L Delle Rose (Soton & RAL)              Explanation of the 17 MeV Atomki anomaly in a U(1)-extended 2-Higgs doublet model
A Belyaev (Soton & RAL)              Towards decoding the nature of dark matter at the LHC
9th May 2018, RAL              NExT Meeting at RAL
C Englert (Glasgow)              Phenomenology: top quarks & new physics at the LHC
D Millar (QMUL)              Phenomenology: charge & spin asymmetries in Z' -> tt -> dileptonic
J Linacre (RAL)              Probing new physics from t-tbar spin correlations at CMS
E Accomando (Soton)              Phenomenology: long-lived exotica giving displaced particle signatures
M Wielers (RAL)              Long-lived exotica at ATLAS using displaced particle signatures
W Scott (RAL)              Manifest Bosonic Democracy
YL Zhou (RAL)              Flavour symmetries in the lepton sector
SJD King (Soton)              SUSY U(1) B-L model
7th November 2018, Soton              NExT Meeting at Southampton
S Jaeger (Sussex)              Perspectives on New Physics from B-physics anomalies
Y-B Liu (Soton)              Probing anomalous top-Higgs couplings at the HL-LHC via the H -> WW* decay channel
SF King (Soton)              Theories of Flavour from the Planck scale to the electroweak scale
B El Menoufi (Sussex)              Quantum gravity as an EFT, black hole thermodynamics and an excursion into the UV
L Arpino (Sussex)              WW production with a jet veto made simple(r)
M Song (Soton)              Light charged Higgs boson with dominant cb decay from 3HDMs and detection prospects
3rd April 2019, QMUL              NExT Workshop at QMUL
C White (QMUL)              Applications of (next-to) soft radiation
S Molina-Sedgwick (QMUL & Soton)              Matter density profile effects on neutrino oscillations at T2HK and T2HKK
P Agnes (RHUL)              DarkSide and DEAP
C Kaur Khosa (Sussex)              SMEFT studies using Machine Learning
H Waltari (RAL & Soton)              Searching for left-right (super)symmetry at the LHC
S Rome (Soton)              Lorentz boost in the flavour space and it's implications on N2 leptogenesis
T Boschi (QMUL)              Approaching the neutrino mass problem with a beam dump experiment
T Katori (QMUL)              Observation of a Significant Excess of Electron-Like Events in the MiniBooNE Short-Baseline Neutrino Experiment
20th November 2019, Sussex              Gateways to New Physics
J Lindert (Sussex)              LHC precision physics: a gateway to new physics
C Hormigos Fliu (Sussex)              Anomalous magnetic moments and collider signatures from asymptotic safety
SJD King (Soton)              SO(10) at the LHC
O Ozdal (Soton & Concordia)              W-prime models at the LHC
H Waltari (RAL & Soton)              Lepton number violating signals from right-sneutrinos
Y Hicyilmaz (Soton & Balikesir)              Some Phenomenological Aspects of U(1) Extended Minimal Supersymmetric Model
C Kaur Khosa (Sussex)              WIMPs or else? Using Machine Learning for Dark Matter Detection
D Rojas-Ciofalo (Soton)              Dark Matter in the three Higgs doublet Model
B Fu (Soton)              Minimal Seesaw extension for Neutrino Mass and Mixing, Leptogenesis and Dark Matter
S Huber(Sussex)              Gravitational Waves: a gateway to new physics
29th April 2020, KCL (via Vidyo)              NExT Meeting at KCL
JR Ellis (KCL)              KCL Theory Intro
S King (KCL)              Hyper-Kamiokande
D Rojas-Ciofalo (Soton)              CP-violation in inert models
M Escudero (KCL)              Baryogenesis and Dark Matter from B Mesons
Y Hicyilmaz (Soton & Balikesir)              Health-check of supersymmetric E(6) models into the new decade
H Day-Hall (RAL & Soton)              Spectral clustering for jet physics
D Locke (Soton)              Consistent Dark Matter Models
U Blumenschein (QMUL)              Measurement of Z+b(b) production in ATLAS
18th November 2020, RHUL (via Vidyo)              NExT Seminar Meeting at RHUL
M Song (Soton)              CP asymmetries of B-> X_s/ X_d + gamma in models with three Higgs doublets
B Ford (Soton)              Jet Reconstruction Techniques for BSM Higgs Bosons
A Pedersen Lind (Sussex)              H1jet: A fast program to compute transverse momentum distributions
H Tillim (Oxford)              Reproductive freeze-in of self-interacting dark matter
AC Freegard (QMUL & Soton)              Exploring i2HDM and MFDM multilepton signatures for dark matter at the LHC
H Waltari (RAL & Soton)              Two component dark matter motivated by E6SSM
24th March 2021, RAL (via Zoom)              NExT Meeting at RAL
L Cremonesi (QMUL)              Latest neutrino interaction cross section measurements with NOvA
Jost Migenda (KCL)              Observing Supernova Neutrinos with Hyper-Kamiokande and SNEWS 2.0
H Lee (Soton)              Fermion mass hierarchies from vector-like families with an extended 2HDM and a possible explanation for the electron and muon anomalous magnetic moment
L Hamaide (KCL)              Dark Matter Detection Using Electron Scattering
AC Freegard (QMUL & Soton)              Exploring Multilepton Signatures From Dark Matter at the LHC
K Mimasu (KCL)              Going global: Combining electroweak precision, diboson, Higgs, and top data to search for new physics
10th November 2021, Soton (in person and via Teams)              NExT Seminar Meeting in Soton
WJ Murray (RAL & Warwick)              Low mass H+ -> WA, A->mumu
S Semlali (RAL & Soton)              Recasting searches for light BSM Higgs onto 2HDM Type-I parameter space
B Fu (Soton)              Type Ib seesaw model in the Early Universe
J Davies (Sussex)              Top quark mass corrections to NNLO double Higgs boson production
M Fernandez-Navarro (Soton)              Fermiophobic Z' model for simultaneously explaining the muon anomalies RK(*) and (g-2)
T Steudtner (Sussex)              Explaining B anomalies with Planck-safe Z'
S Khalil (ZCST)              Probing New Physics Through Flavor Anomalies
N Sherrill (Sussex)              Charged-lepton-flavor violation from Lorentz and CPT violation
26th April 2023, Sussex (in person and via Zoom)              NExT Workshop Sussex: quo vadis?
Malcolm Fairbairn (KCL)              Dark Matter: quo vadis?
C Majumdar (UCL)              Exploring Left-Right symmetry in the CMB
G Hiller (Munich & Dortmund)              Flavor phenomenology with RK=1: quo vadis?
WJ Murray (RAL & Warwick)              2HDM type I phenomenology: quo vadis?
T Teubner(Liverpool)              The puzzles of g-2: quo vadis?
G Van Goffrier (UCL)              Probing of Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay in Multiple Isotopes
W Pei (UCL)              Sensitivity of Future Tritium Decay Experiments to New Physics
R Wood (Sussex)              Precision aS measurements: perturbative and non-perturbative effects
N Sherrill (Sussex)              Searching for ultralight scalars with atomic experiments
J McFayden (Sussex)              Measurement of ttW production with the ATLAS detector / FASER
L Nollen (Dortmund)              More Synergies from Beauty, Top, Z and Drell-Yan in the SMEFT
L Mai (Sussex)              EW corrections at high energies
J Davies (Sussex)              Precision HH predictions: EW corrections

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